Sally and Alvin V. Shoemaker Chair

Department of Anthropology

University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

University of Pennsylvania

Teaching: Courses
  • Kathleen Morrison, Professor

●    Mark Lycett, Director, South Asia Center (from 1 July 2017)
        quantitative analysis, ceramic analysis, spatial Analysis, Western North America, South Asia

●    Royal Ghazal
        ceramic analysis, NAA, geological sourcing, clays, Middle East

●    Geneviève Godbout
        macrobotanical analysis, Carribean

●    Kristyn Hara
        macrobotanical analysis, Southeast Asia

●    Madeleine McLeester
        pollen analysis, fire history, midwest US

●    Melissa Rosenzweig
        macrobotanical analysis, Middle East

●    Jennifer Rozo
        pollen analysis, southwestern US

●    Joe Cronin

         stable isotope analysis, archaeology, lab manager

●    Kelly Wilcox
        faunal analysis, dental microwear, South Asia,

●    Brian Wilson
        spatial analysis, south Asia